lomatium rash

Got an email from someone in the community I serve, wondering whether the kind of scary all over rash they were exhibiting could be the "lomatium rash" they'd read about.  They'd been using a lomatium tincture:

"I took a dropperful morning and night for about a week. Thursday morning I noticed this rash starting on the backs of my hands, near my wrists and on my torso, also maybe some on my forehead and neck. Over the day it spread to cover my torso front and back, both arms and neck. Throughout the day today it is now on my legs and palms of my hands. It started out flat, but now the red bumps are slightly raised and can be itchy, especially if I wash my hands or itch them. The rash looks like small red splotches all over."

As for being itchy, some people report finding it so, others not.

Here are some pics (I'll blather on a bit more after them, so read on...)


Oh, and also: if you're also a part of my community and know who this is: Shh!  Its shared with permission and with the promise of privacy...  don't tag them on Facebook.





Okay, I'm back.

I've heard different theories about lomatium rashes, but am pretty sure no one actually knows what causes them.


Most reports say that antihistamines don't have any effect, which suggests that it's ~not~ an allergic reaction. Michael Moore (the late brilliant herbalist, not the movie guy) wondered if the rash was a result of a massive pathogen die off that some people's bodies want to eliminate through the skin.


Some suggest using a diaphoretic tea to open the pores and speed the process of elimination (if that's what's going on); if you have elderflower tea there, that'd be nice to drink.


An oatmeal/calendula/chamomile bath will probably feel very soothing.


But again, no one really knows... It's not one of the "rock stars" of the commercial herb world, so unlikely that anyone will ever invest the money studying it to find out. In the meantime, people have their pet theories.

This person started to see the rash begin to clear up on day 4.  It went away with no lingering effects.

Please do use this as a resource, especially if you're a practitioner and need to help people who may be exhibiting this rash not freak the hell out.


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