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Rootstalk Festival, Salem, Oregon... photo by 7Song   September 2011

This is a list of my scheduled walks & classes, into 2014... of course; more to come.
Please check back every now and again... I'm still working on next years schedule and more herb classes will undoubtedly pop up here and there, in different areas throughout Michigan or elsewhere. If you'd like to be added to an email list that gives information on my workshops, or to inquire about other stuff I can or might do, just send an email or call me at (248) 238-8733. 

Have questions about classes? 
I've got answers to frequently asked questions (like times, weather exceptions and such)

Also, if you'd like a "preview" of sorts on how I teach, there's an hour long interview I did with John Gallagher of HerbMentor.com here.  And, there's a slew of youtube videos here.

Want to host a class, walk or workshop?
I'm always happy to travel and spend time talking plants, and can speak on a wide array of herbal topics, from a couple hours to a day to a weekend.  If you're interested in having me offer herb classes in your neck of the woods (or tropical beaches), just let me know...


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out of state events in red

(more 2014 classes will be added as I get all the details finalized...)

I'm offering my
four season herbal intensive course

for those looking for a more comprehensive presentation of the concepts and energetics that provide a solid foundation for the practice of herbcraft.  If you have questions or are interested:

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Apples as Medicine
Saturday, October 11th
from 10am till 2pm in Clarkstonn, MI

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down south herb gigs...

"Ow! My ____ing back!"

...using plants for back and joint injuries
October 24th
hosted by the Maypop Herb Shop 
5:30 to 8pm; held at Yoga Bywater in NEW ORLEANS

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Blue Boy Herb Festival
October 25th & 26th
with Darrell Marten of Blue Boy Herbs in MISSISSIPPI


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foundations for winter wellness...
an herbal immune series

wednesday evenings in november & december
in ann arbor, michigan

hosted by New Moon Midwifery


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herbs, vitalism & holistic immunity

~ medicinal plants for the cold and flu season ~
Sunday, November 16th
Noon to 6ish
At Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center in Oxford, MI
$50/$60 at the door

Graciously sponsored by Living Free FoundationSM


Interested in hosting a class?

I'm always happy to share what I've learned in new settings with new people (especially in the sunny tropics)… if your interested in having my offer herbs classes in your area, just holler and we'll figure out what might work…

jim mcdonald
(248) 238-8733

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